Setting Up Your Yard Sale Display

Yard sales displays don’t have to be unorganized and chaotic. In fact, a pleasing yard sale display with some creative organization will be pleasing to your shoppers and help you sell more items faster. So what is the best way to set up a yard sale? Here are some helpful yard sale display tips!

Use Folding Tables and Clothing Racks

If possible, never place your merchandise on the ground. With the exception of furniture and large appliances, items should be hanged, placed on tables, or in storage bins.

Hangers aren’t just for clothes! Use them to display small rugs, belts, and ties, jewelry, hats or sunglasses. Have an empty clothing rack? Clothing racks can double as an area rug display and can be used to hang curtains and other linens.

Use Props for Display

Don’t have any tables or racks? Not a problem. Do a thorough walk-through of your home and garage. Then see what you can use to display your things. You can create makeshift tables and props using crates, storage bins, and ladders. Look for items that have flat surfaces or unique hanging area. They can be used to create a display for your merchandise.

Storage bins can be used to hold stuffed animals and toys. They can even be flipped upside down and used as small tables. Ladders can be used to display accessories and small home decor. And wire cup holders or trash cans can be used to hang earrings, broaches, pins, and cuff links.

Group Like Items

Grouping like items is another way to make your yard appear more organized. It also helps give customers a better shopping experience. Grouping like items will make your yard easier to navigate. And shoppers looking for specific items, such as men’s clothing, can find them faster.

Prep Your Merchandise

No one likes to buy dirty stuff. Dusty furniture, sticky appliances, and smelly clothing are unappealing to customers. Be sure to prep your merchandise before displaying. This will make them more appealing to customers and help increase their resale value.

Spritz old clothing, linens and fabric furniture with Febreze. Spruce up wood tables with a fresh coat of wax. Be sure to wash old clothing and tennis shoes. And, don’t forget to dust old furniture.

Straighten Up During Downtime

Now that you’ve created the perfect displays for your garage sale there’s only one thing left to do. Clean. Garage sale shoppers can be messy. When you have spare time, straighten up your displays and re-hang clothing before the next wave of shoppers arrives.

Did you enjoy these five garage sale display ideas? Do you have any tips of your own? Leave us a comment. We’d love to hear from you.

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